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Why is my tooth sensitive to cold?

Why is your tooth sensitive to cold?

Your tooth may have decay. 

If you are suspicious about the condition of your tooth ask your doctor at your next checkup and cleaning.  We offer free exam and x-rays for New Patients. *Some restrictions may apply.  Feel free to call us at 952-891-8484 or you can make an appointment online at: 

You may have Recession.

The most common reason that we find in our office is called Recession.  That means that your gums are pulling away from your teeth exposing the roots of your teeth.  The roots have tubules (micro holes) and when cold air or water contacts that area you get a quick "zing".  We have some over the counter tricks that could be used.  

The problem could be Teeth Grinding.   

This is when a person grinds their teeth back and forth.  This sometimes happens when a person is sleeping.  If you grind your teeth it can cause the surface of your teeth to wear through the top layer of your teeth (called the enamel) exposing the 2nd layer (called the dentin).  This can cause your teeth to be sensitive.  We can give you a couple of different options for this problem.  

What external factors could be involved?

This wold include whitening, a tooth paste whitening system, a hard toothbrush or over brushing.  We would suggest a consultation to discuss and examine the various possibilities.  

Troublesome Foods

Foods that contain a high concentration of tomatoes, oranges, lemons, limes or sugar.  


This would include gum disease or cracks in a tooth which could provide a pathway to the pulp (the inner part of the tooth) or the nerves of that tooth that trigger sensitivity.  

Please feel free to call us to ask questions or set up an appointment.  We could set up an appointment for you in our office for a free consultation.  *Some restrictions may apply.  Call us at 952-891-8484 or make an appointment online:


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