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What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are a permanent and appealing solution to replace missing or extracted teeth. They are often superior to other alternatives like bridges because no additional teeth need to be altered to place the new tooth.

The entire implant process is performed over the course of a few months. We will not need to refer you to a specialist at any time during the course of your treatment because we are proud to offer CBCT (CT scan) technology in our office.  This software allows us to do three dimensional imaging  of the implant sites which helps improve the continuity of care in the treatment planning process.  Patients are very satisfied because less time and effort are required for treatment to be initiated and completed.

The first part of the process is to place the implant itself, where a screw is placed into the jaw bone.  Multiple implants can often be placed in a single surgery. The implant must be allowed to heal for about 3-4 months, and during this time the jaw bone will form around the implant in a process called osseointegration. During this healing time you can have temporary crowns placed so that you can eat and speak normally and maintain a proper aesthetic appearance for your smile.

After the implant(s) have healed it is time to place an abutment on the implant. The abutment serves as the base for your new tooth. Once this is placed an impression of the abutment is taken and is used to create your permanent restoration. Once the restoration is completed you can return to the office to cement the restoration permanently. Your smile will look just like it used to, and after a short period of getting used to the implant it will feel just like one of your own teeth.

Mini Implants

Mini dental implants are about half the size in diameter of a regular dental implant. This smaller size offers many benefits.  They can be used in situations where larger implants cannot, such as areas where there may be insufficient bone.

A main use for mini implants is to help support full upper or lower dentures. A series of mini implants (4-6) are placed along the gum line and they serve as the base of the denture. Rather than placing a single implant for a single tooth, an entire lower or upper set of teeth are directly attached to the gum line.

The small size of mini implants often means that no incision needs to be made to place the implant. They can usually be inserted right through the gum into the bone. This eliminates the need for a recovery period, and the restoration can usually be placed right away or only a short time after.

Mini implants are also less expensive than regular implants. Only your dentist knows if mini implants are right for you, so call for your consultation today.

For more information check out out Implant FAQ page or give us a call!