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Microneedling And PRF

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Brite Smiles Dental Care is now parterning with Care Esthetics to bring you a whole new service menu! 

What is Microneedling and PRF?

What is Microneedling and PRF?

You may have heard about microneedling in radio commercials or on TV, but what is it and why should you care? 

Microneedling is a medical esthetic treatment that causes a rapid regeneration effect in the skin, and creates small channels that allow deeper, more effective penetration for the PRF to flow through. PRF, or platelet-rich fibrin, is a completely natural substance that creates both a bonding and healing effect. This is acheived by using a small amount of your blood, filtering out everything but those healing properties, and injecting it back into the skin. 

When you combine these two services together, you get a super facial! The mirconeedling creates channels for the PRF to flow through, and the PRF speeds up the rapid growith and regeneration process leaving your skin brighter, firmer, and looking and feeling younger. 

 How do I know if this is for me? 

This is a service that can benefit almost everyone! If you ask Dr. Simmons, he will tell you that your collegen production radiply decreases at just 25 years old. This means your skin loses it's elasticity and bounce, healing is slowed down, and your barrier is thinner, making dark spots, sun spots, etc. more visible. 

I'm Interested, how do I find out more?

All of our esthetic services start with a quick, free consultation with our doctors. They will discuss your interests and concerns and put together a cohesive plan just for you. Call our office or click the link below to start looking and feeling younger today!