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Brite Smiles Dental Care

General Dentistry & Cosmetic Dentistry located in Apple Valley, MN

Straight teeth and a properly aligned bite make your smile more dazzling, but they also improve your overall oral health. Dennis Simmons, DDS, and his associates, offer state-of-the-art orthodontic treatments at Brite Smiles Dental Care in Apple Valley, Minnesota. With Invisalign®, Fastbraces®, and retainers, Brite Smiles Dental Care can give you a smile that looks great and functions even better. Schedule your visit today by phone or online.

Orthodontics Q & A

What conditions does orthodontics treat?

Orthodontics, a dental specialty that uses fixed and removable oral appliances to correct teeth and jaws that are improperly aligned, can correct: 

  • Crooked teeth
  • Crowded teeth
  • Widely spaced teeth
  • Overbite
  • Underbite
  • Crossbite
  • Open bite

Orthodontics also has cosmetic benefits, such as closing gaps and uprighting a tipped tooth to make your smile look great at Brite Smiles Dental Care.

Why do I need orthodontic treatment?

A properly aligned smile is more than just how the world sees you. It’s also important for your health. 

Teeth that are improperly aligned are harder to keep clean, and therefore more susceptible to tooth decay, tooth loss, and periodontal disease. 

Improperly aligned teeth also throw off the distribution of force in your bite. This puts extra stress on your mouth and jaw, which leads to excessive wear and tear and a higher risk of developing TMJ disorder. 

What orthodontic treatments do you offer?

Brite Smiles Dental Care offers a variety of treatments to straighten your smile, like: 


Invisalign® is a revolutionary orthodontic treatment that straightens your teeth and jaw with a series of clear, comfortable, and removable plastic aligners. Your aligners are designed from an impression of your smile, and they exert a small-yet-constant amount of pressure to gradually move your teeth into proper alignment. 

You wear your aligners all day, every day, but take them out to brush, floss, or eat. You switch to the next set of aligners in your series every two weeks, and you can complete treatment in as little as nine months!


Fastbraces, an upgrade to traditional braces, can get your teeth into alignment often in a shorter time than the 1-2 years that it typically takes traditional braces to work. 

Whereas traditional braces move your teeth in two stages (first the crown, then the root), Fastbraces uses a revolutionary triangular bracket and a specialty-shaped square wire to move your tooth root and crown simultaneously, giving you a quicker and more effective treatment with the same excellent results. 


Retainers keep your teeth in alignment after you’ve finished your orthodontic treatment. Some retainers are permanent and are bonded to the backside of your teeth, while others are removable, and you need to wear them for only a few hours a day or while you sleep.

Sometimes teeth shift after orthodontic therapy.  An exam at Brite Smiles Dental Care can determine with your orthodontic history what retainer is right for you to help maintain the alignment of your teeth. 

Your dream smile is just one orthodontics appointment away. Schedule your visit to Brite Smiles Dental Care today by calling the office or booking online.