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Teeth Whitening

Brite Smiles Dental Care

General Dentistry & Cosmetic Dentistry located in Apple Valley, MN

Your smile is a reflection of your personality and a focal point for your beauty and confidence, and white, bright teeth make it shine. At Brite Smiles Dental Care in Apple Valley, Minnesota, Dennis Simmons, DDS, and his associates, offer professional teeth whitening treatments for anyone looking to instantly upgrade their smile. Schedule your visit by phone or online and find your sparkle today.

Teeth Whitening Q & A

Why aren’t my teeth white?

Your teeth can lose their luster for a variety of reasons, such as:

  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Drinking too many darkly pigmented drinks, like coffee, tea, or soda
  • Consuming tobacco products
  • Certain medications
  • Early exposure to tetracycline antibiotics

Age also plays a role in the color of your teeth. The soft inner layer of your teeth (dentin) naturally yellows as you age, while the hard, outer layer of your teeth (enamel) wears thin over time and can cast you in a bad light. 

The thickness of your enamel is an inherited trait, so the color of your teeth is also determined by your genetics.

Why should I whiten my teeth?

Your smile is a reflection of who you are, and dull or discolored teeth can cast you in a bad light. Professional whitening treatments are one of the most effective ways to improve the appearance of your teeth, giving you a younger look, a prettier smile, and a boost of confidence.

How do you whiten my teeth?

Brite Smiles Dental Care offers a few options when it comes to whitening your teeth:

In-office whitening with Philips Zoom!

In-office whitening, or chairside whitening, takes place entirely at the Brite Smiles Dental Care office. Dr. Simmons or Dr. Edstrom prepares your mouth for whitening by protecting your gums and lips, then carefully applies a layer of professional-strength whitening gel to your teeth. 

Next, they shine a special light on your smile that helps the whitening gel penetrate your teeth and break up deeper stains. Treatment with Philips Zoom!® can make your smile up to eight shades whiter in a single, 2 and ½ hour office visit!

Take-home whitening trays

At-home bleaching trays enable you to whiten your teeth from the comfort of your own home. Your dentist uses an impression of your smile to fabricate custom-designed bleaching trays that fit around the unique contours of your teeth. 

You fill these trays with a professional-grade bleaching solution and then wear them on your teeth for a prescribed amount of time each day. You’ll have a noticeably brighter smile in a matter of weeks.

Can’t I just use an over-the-counter whitening kit?

You should never whiten your teeth with store-bought products. Over-the-counter whitening kits may appear convenient and affordable, but they’re ineffective at best and potentially harmful to your oral health.
The strips and trays used in these whitening kits aren’t designed for your unique smile, so the bleaching solution frequently leaks out and irritates your gums. And the whitening gel is not nearly as effective on your teeth as what you get at Brite Smiles Dental Care, leaving you with less effective results.

For a truly exceptional smile, get professional treatment with Brite Smiles Dental Care. Book your visit today by calling the office or scheduling online.